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How Can Businesses Cash In on the Benefits of Compostable Gloves

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How Can Businesses Cash In on the Benefits of Compostable Gloves

The long list of business Benefits of Compostable Gloves plant-based, compostable products continues to grow every day. One of those products is a premium quality,

biodegradable gloves. Our gloves here at Greenware are made of renewable plant resources that are better for the environment. Once the product has been used, thrown away, and exposed to enough moisture, it will start the process of composting unlike traditional plastic gloves such as vinyl or nitrile which can take up to 1000 years to decompose.

Monetary Benefit

If you are in the food service industry and produce large amounts of plastic/rubber waste, throwing your waste into the trash increases your

business’ waste management costs. With a switch to Greenware gloves, this cost will go down. Just think how easy it will be to toss these gloves into the trash and not worry about the rest.

Branding Benefit

Another great business benefit of compostable gloves is the green image they can project to your customer base. Today, a growing number of customers are favoring businesses that make efforts to protect the environment. So if you’re looking for ways to increase profits and impact your bottom line, utilizing compostable gloves is a great way to start!  

Green benefit

One of the most talked-about compostable product benefits is the reduction of your carbon footprint. Unlike regular plastic, compostable

products produce minimal carbon emissions.

Environmental Benefit

Plastic takes hundreds of years to biodegrade & also emits greenhouse gases on exposure to sunlight. By using a truly compostable glove-like Greenware, you are contributing to the safe care of mother nature.  

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