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10 Best Biodegradable Products in India

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10 best biodegradable products in India in 2022 – Get Green Ware

After Covid 19 Pandemic, We have understood that the resources around us are depleting rapidly in the pandemic. There is a need to use eco-friendlier products free from plastics and harmful chemicals. While it can cause harm to our environment, it can also harm the habitat and marine animals as the waste would eventually reach there. The need for eco-friendlier and biodegradable products can help to have a balance with nature. So GetGreenWare has brought Best biodegradable products in India.

The get greenware products are durable and can be easily decomposable and biodegradable. They do not harm nature too. It is a sustainable balance with nature/environment. These products can be easily recycled too. You can decompose of them separately for recycling. Several products can easily complement the products you use daily. We will discuss some of these get greenware products that you can use to go green.

Medical Healthcare Green Products –

After Covid 19 Pandemic society is likely to increase the medical healthcare products in the daily use. Products like gloves, aprons, bedsheets and shoe cover are becoming the part of our day today life. As usage increase the wastage is also increase so green ware comes with the very good range of products which are eco-friendly, decomposable and biodegradable-

  1. Medical Gloves
  2. Apron
  3. Bedsheet
  4. Biomedical Waste Bags
  5. Plain Sheets
  6. Shoe Covers

Retail products-

Greenware is also has a vide verity of retail products such as fruit vegetable bags, double layers films etc.etc. which are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

  1. Mulch Films
  2. Shopping CarryBags
  3. Garbage Bags
  4. Vegetable / Fruit Bags
  5. Double Layered Film Roll
  6. Tabular Film Roll

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