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Greenware for Greener Tomorrow

  • Greenware products are made of 100% biodegradable materials and hence leaves zero footprint in the nature.
  • Plasti Surge Industries has always been at the forefront of innovation and adopting new technologies. Greenware is our new initiative towards creating sustainable eco-friendly future.
  • Traditional plastic is made with fossil fuels and chemical fillers which remains in nature for very long time, when unprocessed and can cause severe harm to human, animal and plant life around it.
  • Greenware products which are made of eco-friendly and biodegradable material does not harm the nature and disintegrates into its originally form by natural degradation process.
  • Hence Greenware is our investment for Greener Tomorrow.

According To Reasearch More Than
8.3 Billion Tons Of Plastics Has Been Produced Since 1950s


Produce from Chemicals derived from Oil, Natural Gas and Coal


Ended up in the Natural Enviroment

0 %

Only recyled of all plastic waste ever produced


Of Global Annual Plastic Waste Entered the Ocean

Source : UN Environment Report (2018)


To manufacture & market sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic, with a focus on regenerability and CO₂-free economy.

We want to see nature to flourish again by Creating Sustainable, Economical and Convenient ecosystem of use and throw products. With our responsibility towards society as a whole we see that it’s right time to introduce products with low footprint on nature, but at the same time we should not takeaway a convenience and affordability that plastic products have provided us.