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Why Greenware

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Welcome To Greenware

The world has experienced drastic increase in its single-use plastic consumption for the last few decades mostly because of the low cost, its diverse applications and accessibility to petroleum-based chemicals.

We believe that the world has abused the production of non-recyclable single-use plastic, which ends up polluting the nature, the oceans & the eco system and when burnt is emitting dangerous substances for the human health.

Using Greenware is one of the most important actions you can take to reduce your impact on the environment. Greenware products are made in a way that they can breakdown or degrade when exposed to the sun’s ultra-violet radiation, enzymes, bacteria, water, or wind abrasion. And all this benefits without compromising on convenience that plastic has given us.

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Environmental and economic benefits of using Greenware products include

Use of less energy in production​

Lowers carbon print levels​

Reduces Landfill waste​

Faster decomposition​

Recyclable & Durable

100% Organic & Non-Toxic

Food Grade Quality

Brand Friendly

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