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Plastisurge Industries Pvt Ltd is always being at the forefront of taking bold steps with innovations. Greenware products came out of the same innovative mindset to help tackle the problem created by huge plastic waste. Greenware Initiative is to design 100% biodegradable plastic products without compromising the convenience provided by traditional plastic products.

According to one research estimate, about 750 million tons of plastic is produced since the 1950s’. The plastic we use today is produced by chemicals derived from oil and gas-based products. This plastic is non-recyclable, but durable hence when we throw it away after being used, it does not decompose. It can remain there for 100s of years, hence affecting the natural environment adversely in many ways like polluting water resources or ending up in the animal and human food chain. This harmful chemical-based plastic is also responsible for causing very serious diseases in humans like cancer.

Greenware Initiative is  to design 100% biodegradable products without compromising the convenience provided by traditional plastic products.

When the idea of Greenware was born all these issues were in the mind of the founding team. These issues were researched to come up with a solution that may already exist or needs to be created. The greenware team found that some of the research in this field has already been done and data and work are readily available whereas some things need to be invented. The team got to work and came out with solutions that suit the needs which were natural biodegradable products without compromising the convenience the traditional plastic products provide.

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