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About Green Ware Aprons

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Medical Apron which is alternative to plastic aprons. These are made from 100% Eco Friendly Material, which is a natural resource and does not harm the environment. The aprons are also reusable and can be used again and again without any fear of depleting the resources. Our medical apron is very comfortable to wear, it feels like you are wearing a regular medical apron.

The medical apron is made of 100% plastic free material, which makes it very comfortable to wear. It has an adjustable strap, so that it fits snugly around your waist or chest area. The print on these aprons are designed using eco-friendly inks, which do not harm the environment.

These aprons can be washed easily at home or in a washing machine at low temperature. But if you wish to wash them at higher temperatures then you may use a dry cleaner instead of washing machine as they tend to shrink when exposed to high temperatures.

biodegradable medical aprons