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Greenware for Greener Tomorrow

About Green Ware Gloves‚Äč

Green Ware Compostable Gloves are made from a 100% Eco-Friendly Material that has been designed to protect the hands from chemical, physical & food contact. 

Hospital gloves are often made of plastic or rubber, which can be harmful to the environment. The Green Ware Compostable Gloves are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional hospital gloves. These disposable gloves are 100% biodegradable and nonporous.

 These gloves are 100% Eco Friendly, which is alternative to plastic and rubber gloves. The gloves are made from high-quality organic cotton that is soft and comfortable to wear. The gloves have the antibacterial properties that offer a better protection against germs. These gloves are available in different sizes so that you can choose the perfect fit for your hands.

The gloves help in keeping your fingers clean and germ-free, which helps in preventing infection of any kind. These gloves can be used by patients who have sensitive skin as well as children who are prone to hand injuries due to rough play or sports activities.