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Greenware for Greener Tomorrow

About Green Ware Medical Bedsheets

Green Ware is a green initiative that focuses on environmentally friendly products and sustainable development. We are committed to providing our customers with the best products and support in the industries with Green Eco-Friendly Products. We also focus on recycling waste material and using renewable resources.

We are proud to offer the Eco Friendly 100% Compostable Medical Bedsheets. These medical bed sheets are made from renewable resources and are 100% biodegradable.  The manufacturing process utilizes no chlorine, no dioxins, no PVC, and no heavy metals. The material used for these medical bedsheets is also hypoallergenic and does not cause any allergies or irritations.

The bed sheets are made from 100% recycled material, which makes them ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities that are concerned about their carbon footprint.
The GreenWare bedsheets are completely biodegradable and compostable in commercial composting facilities.

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