Biodegradable Medical Aprons by Green Ware – A Sustainable Solution for Healthcare

biodegradable medical aprons

Green Ware, an eco-friendly company based in India, is dedicated to creating sustainable products that make a positive impact on the environment. One of their latest creations is the biodegradable medical apron, a product that is not only environmentally friendly but also helps reduce the spread of germs and infections in hospitals and clinics. The […]

The benefits of using Compostable Medical Aprons.

In the medical field, maintaining a sterile environment is crucial in order to prevent the spread of infection. One essential item that is commonly used in hospitals and clinics is the medical apron. These aprons protect healthcare workers’ clothing from fluids, such as blood and other bodily fluids, that they may come into contact with […]

The benefits of using compostable gloves at your restaurant in India

As a restaurant owner or manager in India, it’s important to prioritize the health and safety of your employees and customers. One simple but effective way to do this is by using decomposable gloves in the kitchen and front of the house. There are several benefits to using decomposable gloves in your restaurant: 1.) Improved […]

Disposable food handling gloves- what you need to know?

Types of reusable food handling gloves There are two main types of disposable gloves- latex and nitrile. Latex gloves are made from natural sap, which is a rubber tree product. Nitrile gloves are made with synthetic materials and contain no latex. When it comes to selecting what type of food-handling gloves to buy, you need […]

Biodegradable and Compostable gloves by Green Ware

Biodegradable and Compostable gloves by Green Ware, manufactured using renewable resources, and plant base thermoplastic corn starch resins. Green Ware Compostable Gloves are made from a 100% Eco-Friendly Material Material that has been designed to protect the hands from chemical, physical & food contact.  Hospital gloves are often made of plastic or rubber, which can […]

Biodegradable gloves in India

Biodegradable gloves in India by greenware Hand Gloves  Material: Composable Thickness: 20 to 75 micron Size : Large / Small Colour: White/Green Greenware is a small family-owned company committed to sustainability. Their plant-based, compostable cleaning gloves are designed for small to average-sized hands and make an excellent eco-friendly alternative to latex gloves. Their compostable gloves […]